Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Describing a tile

Trying to use the Djatoka jpeg2000 image viewer to display the image tiles / regions served up by an installation of the now-defunct eRez image server underscored the value of a good web API.

eRez Tile API

Parm Name Type Function
src string path to the ptif src, relative to the eRez image root
width integer width of the resulting image tile (will stretch to fit)
height integer height of the resulting image tile (will stretch to fit)
top float the position of the top edge of the tile relative to the entire scaled image, expressed as a decimal fraction
left float see "top"
bottom float see "top"
right float see "top"
scale float the ratio of the dimensions of an entire image composed of tiles in the requested size to the dimensions of the original image, expressed as a decimal fraction.
tmp string constant the value is "ajax-viewer", unquoted

OpenURL getRegion API

Parm Name Type Function
svc.level integer a scaling indicator, as specified here
svc.region integer or float list the top edge position, left edge position, region height and width. Concatenated as a comma-delimited value.
svc.scaleinteger or float listscaling factor as either a single value, or a targeted width and height.
If the latter, a value of zero for one of the dimensions indicates the original proportions should be maintained.

Translating OpenURL Level to eRez Scale

After calculating the maximum levels, any given level converts to scale as:

scale = 1 / 2(maxLevels - requestedLevel)

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